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20 April 2010 @ 12:35 am
Compilation of AdventDrabbles's 24 Days of Christmas  
The following was all written for the 24 days of Christmas challenge I participated in during the December of '09. I have complied all of the tiny dabbles into one massive post to conserve room and avoid confusion. With that said, you have been warned.

Day 1
Title: Hot and Cold
Genre: Jrock, Hyde
Rating: G
Word Count: 162
Summary: Hyde watches the snowfall with his family while waiting for a reindeer.
Disclaimer: I assure you, slavery has been abolished in America for quite some time now.
Author's Notes: Drabble. Seriously short. Written for the 24 days of Christmas challenge.
Hot and Cold

The snow was like a fire. Despite what most people told him when he used this analogy, he loved it. The falling flakes were the same as a warm, open flame, glowing in the open night. Now, standing outside in inches of snow with his wife and son, he watched the crystals pour down onto the earth in a calm serenity. He adverted his eyes to Ryo, who was gleaming at the jar in his hands as though it was worth the world.

"Will it really work?" His little voice piped, eyes bursting with excitement.

Hyde glanced over to the packets of oatmeal and sugar that lay forgotten on the ground, taking in the picture calmly. Megumi grinned and caught his eye in a flash. "Of course," she said with a smile, and Hyde suddenly felt a gentle warmth very much like a flame. "If not, we'll get your father to track down the reindeers for us."

At that, Hyde laughed.

Day 2
Title: Feliz Navidad
Fandom: Moon Child
Pairing: Implied Kei/Sho, but nothing really
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: The fire is out, and Kei is left alone with a sorry excuse for a tree.
Author's Notes: I tried a slightly different writing style, which I think was either a hit or miss. Either way, enjoy. ^^
Feliz Navidad

He sees nothing but white. A rain of illuminated crystals that dash onto the earth below. He's already sick of it. The sun is out but the shimming whiteness won't go away, another advantage that nature can withstand but he can not. His dark eyes are full, with emotion or cold it's impossible to say. He's wrapped in a blanket, two coats, a scarf, and a pair of gloves he's pretty sure aren't his, squashed between the clothing's weight and a comfortable couch. The temperature is still bitter. He wonders for a moment if the sun could ever feel warm again, and tilts his head back to feel blond strands of hair slide off his pale, numbed face. He looks down at his feet that are stuffed into boots perhaps a tad too large, making a point to squeak them together loudly, sporadically.

Most people aren't outside. Most spend the day with their families or get wasted with their friends. However, there is no one in the confines of his apartment. A car goes by, he thinks, or maybe a bus, as he feels the pleasant rush of jumbled together pulses fly by closely. Spanish music surprises him, the sound just barely reaching his acute ears. “Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad....

The music is foreign, but pleasant enough to listen to, despite its overwhelming strangeness. He doesn't hear a beatbox or rock surge emerging through the guitars' chords, something he hasn't heard in years. He leans his head farther out, neck flopping back and boarding on uncomfortable. He glances at the sorry excuse for a tree by the sofa. It hadn't been his idea to get one, because even if he was a Christian, it would have nothing to do with him. But Sho had insisted they try something new and unusual, opting to wonder headfirst into the western culture. In the end, Kei had agreed because it meant Sho would be happy and he wouldn't have to put too much effort into a getting him a gift. The added bargain of giving Kei the privileges to choose what he wanted to do for New Years Eve was also a nice bonus.

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas....” His head snaps up, or rather forward, but still much too quick for his liking, and he's left staring again at the blankets of snow covering the fire escape, laid out in front of him. The few ornaments decorating the tree are small and fragile, but Kei can see himself reflected back through a tiny red one adorning a branch. There is not a star or angel to claim the top of the tree, something Sho had whined about considerably.

...From the bottom, of my heart.


He scuffles backwards, suddenly awkward and trying to find his way out of the layers he's wrapped himself into. “Sho,” he says curtly, trying to appear as composed as possible. The young man's eyes are on him, maybe in surprise, because it takes him a moment to look away, a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Merry Christmas,” he says in English, and Kei almost rolls his eyes at the irony. “Mind if I ask what are you doing?” At the sight of his puzzled expression, Kei knows he can't resist. A scrunched up face, intent baby blue eyes, lips that form a slight pout. He doesn't look near as girly as most men would if they made the expression, rather coming off as some form of attractive. Kei snorts at the thought, but he can't wipe the grin off his face.

“The fire died and there wasn't anymore coal.” Finally freeing himself from the wool blanket that was just starting to become an adequate heat source, he decides the cold is worth it if he doesn't want to feel so much like a whimp. He rubs his hands together, slightly surprised they're still cold as ice. Like poking the remaining ashes, he asks, “How was the party? I didn't think it would be so short.”

Sho shrugs, making a move towards the empty space on the couch while removing his slender, black gloves. “It wasn't. I told everyone you weren't feeling well and that I needed to get back. I just dropped in to say hey.” Kei watches the gloves fly lazily onto the coffee table, a frown creasing his lips. On an afterthought, his friend plops down next to him, saying, “Yi-Che asked about you.”

“You should have stayed,” he says simply. There are no more words needed. The two have no need to elaborate, both on the same page with a painful truth lingering in the air, and the two choose to avoid the sensitive subject on such a calm day. Kei sighs, fidgeting a cigarette out of his narrow pants, and grabs the nearest lighter in sight. Running his thumb over the ignition, trying to ignite the spark, he find his fingers are numb and shaking.

Large, warm hands suddenly cover his. Slowly, he raises his head to a pair of serious, serious eyes on his face. Even without a heartbeat and in the cold, he feels something like a caress of heat ripple through him. “Let me,” is all that is said as the hands remain over Kei's, sparking the flame. Within moments Kei is smoking a cigarette with one hand while the other keeps a limp grasp with the other. Somehow, he can't bring himself to pull away just yet.

“Thanks,” he says quietly, eyes locked on the window. A gentle squeeze comes from Sho, and he watches him nod through the glass' reflection. Closing his large, heavy eyes, he yawns unintentionally, attempting to fight off the unwanted sleep. Suddenly, there is warmth, pressed against his back, swallowing him whole once again. He looks back at Sho, who is busy wrapping their two bodies close together in the discarded blanket.

“They say you keep warmer this way,” is the only response. Kei shrugs, weakly but snug, finding the warm weight surprisingly comforting.

“Who's they?” He mutters into the blanket, his chin sliding down to rest on his propped up knees. He thinks they almost look like a couple, cuddled together with Sho's arm protectively around his shoulders on Christmas eve. But the tree is shabby, the fire is dead, and it's too cold.

As he feels Sho shift closer, an arm is wrapped around his shoulders and they are so close they're touching. On second thought, he thinks things might not be so cold after all. He's finally starting to warm up, and can't help but lean back into Sho's awaiting arms. “Feliz Navidad, Sho,” he mumbles into the sheets. He vaguely hears Sho's surprised chuckle as he nods off, eyes heavy with sleep and exhaustion, but content.

Prospero Ano y Felicidad.

Day 3
Title: Christmas Lots
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Roxas learns the value of always being prepared.
Author's Notes: Loosely, oh-so loosely, based off of A Christmas Vacation.
Christmas Lots

Roxas could have complained. It would have been the easiest way to get himself out of the mess he had been dragged into. But two santa hats, thirteen Christmas carols, and a promise to ride shotgun had worn his spirit down to a point where he was trudging through snow up to his knees. “Are we there yet?” He snapped, biting down onto his lips to keep them from chattering. Luckily, neither Axel nor Demyx noticed. “It's pretty cold,” he said in response to their silence; quite loudly with as much attitude as he could muster without sounding like a total girl.

He didn't see how his two housemates could be so joyous about the winter, enough so that they would coerce him into coming tagging along with them to find a Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere. He grumbled under his breath for a good few minutes before he felt his lips start to go blue, then pausing to rub his hands over one another.

“Ah!” Came Axel's excited reply, coming to a sudden halt that caused Roxas to trip over his vertically gifted friend and fall into the snowdrifts.

Blowing a blond wisp away from his face, he glared up at his two friends who stared star-struck at the giant mass before them. Roxas blinked, suddenly blinded by the quantity of green he hadn't noticed before. It wasn't a tree; it was a monster. “You're serious,” he said at last, mouth hanging open and bottom still situated in the snow.

“Oh yes,” muttered Demyx in response, the young musician rubbing his hands together eagerly as if Christmas hand come early. And in an odd way, it had.

“This is the one!” Cried Axel, punching the air with his fist. “We're taking his baby home with us – the squirrels can find a new place to spend the year!”

Roxas rolled his eyes, pulling himself up off the cold ground to wrap his thin arms around himself. Whatever got them home the fastest, he supposed. “Great,” he said at last, slowly moving toward the two men. Let's just get this over with, he thought. “Now who brought the saw?”

Day 4
Title: Untitled
Fandom: Jrock, Gackt and Hyde
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Hyde learns what goes good with a warm drink.
Author's Notes: Just a drabble, nothing really special but fluff. Written for Advent Drabbles
Untitled Drabble

The rain had long ago turned into a shower of snow. Hyde was happy to see it fall, it reminded him so much of home he almost felt like he was there. Almost. The fire was nice, the music was nice, and the drinks were nice, but nothing quite seemed to be perfect. He wondered what was missing as the took hold of the hot sake in a mug on the coffee table. He watched the steam evaporate, feeling almost nostalgic before a pair of arms slung around his shoulders.

“What's wrong?” A warm voice whispered in his ear, and dark wisps brushed against his face. He couldn't help but grin, bringing the ceramic cup to his lips.

“Nothing,” He murmured, and leaned back into awaiting arms. “Nothing at all.”

Day 5
Title: Christmas Treats
Fandom: Jrock, Alice Nine
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Shou knew he should have stuck with those cooking lessons, but it was hard after he burnt down the kitchen ....
Author's Notes: [Chapter fic!] This was written for Advent Drabbles and is slightly crackish, very random, and written on sugar high. Please pardon the silliness and enjoy.
Christmas Treats

Shou stared at the dark flask of chocolate before him with a flabbergasted expression. The world could have been ending, hell could have opened its doors and let out all its minions. His head could have been shaved and this still would be a better option than the one before him. “I don't cook,” he said to the package of make-it-yourself sugar cookies. He raised his wary, startled eyes to his bandmate who looked much too pleased at the current situation. “Ever.”

He burnt things, the type of things that should not be burnt. That included ice cream, celery, apples, and on several occasions toast. He knew that somewhere, far away, there was a little man laughing at him. He just knew it. “What did I do to deserve this, God?” He eyed the ceiling in contempt, knowing he would be lucky if lightening struck him down in an instant. He made a move to turn, but Pon's lithe hand caught hold of his shoulder a little too quick for his liking.

“Just a minute, Shou,” said the small man, cocking his head to the side, odd grin still intact. “Everyone's waiting. You can't just ditch on us now.” The world was dimming away, out of his reach and fading into eternal darkness as he was surprisingly dragged to the deluxe suite's kitchen.

“But,” he started, eyes staring hopelessly at the door that sank away with every passing step, “we have things to do today.” Like wash clothes. Yes, that was something to do. Or sit down to write that book he always wanted to publish. Not that he had ever wanted to write a book, but suddenly the thought didn't seem so bad.

Pon made a sassy “tisk” before harmlessly shoving him into the kitchen, aka, the Bad Place. Shou immediately felt out of place in the Bad Place, finding his feet moving on their own and sprinting to the door. But God was not kind, and the little man far away would be getting his money's worth tonight, because Shou found himself in such a hurry that he tripped over a conventionally placed banana peel that had him falling right on his butt.

“Way to go, Nao!” Hollered Pon, a triumphed look on his face as he evilly locked the door. The culprit was by the counter, leaning against it rather playfully. He looked so innocent Shou knew he was guilty.

Why? He mouthed, to which the drummer only winked. “Could it have been the apples?” He pondered out loud.

“Let's get started!” Shouted Saga, a somewhat barbaric look in his eyes. With that, frilly aprons were tossed about the room and Shou was left abandoned on the cold, titled floor with only a squashed banana peel for a friend.

“Why?” He whispered, pulling himself up to sit indian-style, gently holding the crushed produce in one hand. As the four young men before him gathered around a Betty Crocker cookbook in a bundle of excitement, Shou pulled himself into a protective bubble and huddled against the wall, wishing it was all a nightmare.

The Bad Place was about to get worse.

Day 6
Title: Bargains
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Draco wonders why his boyfriend decided tonight would a good night to go shopping for a Christmas tree.
Author's Notes: This is so short, and I think this is the third story I've written (out of six?) revolving around buying a Christmas tree -- the fourth that includes one in it. On a side note, this and the other one posted today are horribly rushed and random, I apologize, but I'm too tired to write anything worth wild. T_T

His hands and legs had lost all feeling hours ago, now is only complaint is the possibility of frostbite. Brushing back his blond bangs frustratedly, while being the diva that he was, he matched up to his lover who still felt it was game to bargain with the stubborn tree lot owner. All the while, he vaguely remembered Hermione showing him an old muggle movie where the father had succeeded in getting a bargain, only for his car to break down on the side of the road. While Draco might have softened over the years towards muggles, he couldn't help but laugh at their naivety sometimes.

Which reminded him, why was his boyfriend of the last two years suddenly dragging him out to buy a Christmas tree? They had never felt the need the have one before, and as far as he knew, there had been no significant, sublime experience in the young man's life as of yet. Unless you accounted the fact that he was still standing outside in the freezing cold, then yes, that a pretty amazing ordeal in itself.

“Harry,” He quirked, tossing a hand around the taller man's waist. He pulled him closer for warmth, not feeling at all embarrassed as the sales lotter turned red in the face and stopped talking mid-sentence. “Oh please,” started Draco, not missing a beat, “ignore me.”

But really, who could? The man stuttered something under his breath before warily raising his eyes away from the slender blond to meet the sparking green eyes of the man he had previously been talking with. “Um, uh, you see--” There seemed to be a sudden sort of conflict building up in the man, but neither Draco or Harry made a move to help him. “I, uh, think, uh--”

“We can foreclose with my deal in?” Cut in Harry, firm as ever but eyes with a small spark of amusement. It was something he had picked up from Dumbledore, without a doubt. Draco rolled his eyes at the thought. The old man was probably off with his old German pal shacking it up in Hawaii. The youth charms they had were really amazing nowadays....

“Yes! Yes!” Cried the man, who nodded vigorously and fumbled out a contract from his pocket before scribbling over every one of the prices.

Hours later, after a considerable amount of both whining and bragging from Draco, and a useless attempt from Harry to flip on a few Christmas tunes in their spiffy muggle automobile, they were home. Things got easy from there, as all they needed was to mutter a few charms without the prying eyes of neighbors to set the tree up. When Draco sank into the coach's cushion next to his lover, he let out a small sigh and turned to face him. “So why did you put me through that?” He finally asked, flicking his wand out for a brief moment to cart over two glasses and a bottle of cold eggnog dashed with rum.

“I've never had any good Christmas memories.” Was the reply. Draco met his eyes as he poured himself a glass of the deliciously sweet liquid, almost spilling it all over himself if he hadn't been paying attention. “Family wise, I mean. Its always been with someone else's family, or with friends. I'm thankful, but...” Suddenly, he was leaning towards him, overshadowing his small body and indenting him into the couch before pulling him into a tight embrace, “I wanted to make some memories with you.”

Draco didn't know what to say to that, because he wasn't about to admit the way it made his heart flutter like santa on a treadmill. Rather, he would save that for later in the night, when things really got hot. Instead, he reached for his own glass and took a sip, eyeing the tree thoughtfully from his seat. “Then what are we waiting for?” He asked seductively, shamelessly winking as a blush appeared on his lover's face. He decided the Christmas tree was worth it after all.

Day 7
Title: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
Fandom: Jrock, Alice Nine
Pairing: None, Shou/Hiroto if you really wanna
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Shou wonders off to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Author's Notes: I think the title is as long as the story. xD On a side note, this and the other one posted today are horribly rushed and random, I apologize, but I'm too tired to write anything worth wild. T_T
A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Smothered mountaintops, dying tree tops, and the fresh scent of snow lingered in the air. He liked the way the scenery looked after a fresh blanket of the white crystals fell; optimizing to spend some quality time with nature rather than partying with the rest of the band back at the hotel. His camera was clicking, zooming, and using it's high-definition options to max. He felt so content with clicking his life away it was scary. He was only aware of the film and surrounding beauty until, that is, he heard the oddest sound one could imagine in the middle of nowhere....

“SHOU! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WE'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU!” He felt himself going red, suddenly remembering he had neglected to tell anyone where he was going, opting to leave a note in the bathroom instead. It must have taken a while for anyone to notice.

As he was tackled to ground, his camera slipped from his grasp and landed ten feet away in the snow, catching a wonderful picture of the fall in perfect motion. Shou would laugh later when he realized it looked like the guitarist was about to molest him.

Day 8
Title: Melting Ice
Fandom: Jrock
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde
Rating: PG-13, G for this chapter
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Gackt is spending more time regretting than living. What's Hyde got to say about this?
Author's Notes: [Chapter fic!] This is chapter one. It's very short.
Melting Ice

Bright lights and warm-filled aromas filled the room with sensation and surreality. It was his first time being invited to a Christmas party, as the holiday wasn't exactly celebrated on the same scale in Japan. It was odd and somewhat invigorating to be the foreigner fir once, the odd one out in a sea of pale and somewhat beefier group of people. He could see nearly everyone eye-to-eye, and more than a few towered above him. This too was taking a tad bit of getting used to, as he often was the tallest wherever he went.

But what was most nagging was the sense that he was in a foreign country without a trace of a friend. He spoke fluent English, but the country had opposing customs. Or rather, the lack of thereof, and he found it was awkward and hard to comply with. He rubbed his forehead, slightly exasperated. His time could have better been spent in his hotel room working on new music. The place he found himself in was loud and obnoxious, and filled with more Ms. Clauses than what should have been allowed. The tables were overflowing with an abundance of sweets, which only made him growl and look away in quiet disgust. What was most surprising was that the only “real” food he had seen was various deep-fried foods, such as chicken, which made him unsure if he could ever view it the same way again.

American food was weird. The diet seemed to consist of either potatoes or large slabs of meat. It was nauseating to look at and even worse to watch the crowd wolf down the abnormally large proportions like monsters. He didn't much care to stay in the crowd, spending his time by the balcony in an attempt to blend in with the surroundings. He was wearing a dark blue, button-down shirt, black pants, and a matching jacket. Very low key. He hadn't even added a pair of boots to add a spark to the outfit; his manager had insisted the poor people wouldn't have the same fashion sense. Whatever. He would have gone ahead and worn what he wanted anyway, but there was too much at stake when he was halfway across the world filming for no one other than Hollywood.

He sighed, immensely distracted by the nagging migraine that could have sprung from either the jet-lag or ramification of the situation. He was strongly considering matching out of the building to find a cab, the filming and status quo be damned. But, he saw something that made his head shoot up and eyes snap focus across the the room.


((Author's Note: It would have had a happy ending; smooch, smooch. ^^ ))

Day 9
Title: The Sweet Aroma Of...
Fandom: Jrock, Alice Nine
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Nao knows what he wants for Christmas.
Author's Notes: I really, really hate this title.
The Sweet Aroma Of...

A mocha strawberry latte with no cream but a little nutmeg sounded so good right now. Nao was such a snob when it came to the world of coffee, that's why in his will he had left over half his lifesavings to the King of Coffees, Starbucks. It was therefore quite distressing that the building was closed on Christmas day. “But, but --” He mouthed, falling to the ground with arms outstretched and palms facing forward, “Why, oh why?”

He could barely hear the sleigh bells in the background as he suddenly seemed the sweet smell of his beloved aroma...

“Do you think we should wake him up?” Asked Shou, staring at the sleeping form of his bandmate who looked on the brink of exhaustion, curled up on the the couch with a blanket and pillow.

“Let me finish his coffee first,” murmured Saga, who stood in the kitchen grinding coffee beans into the machine. “You know he'll want that more than any present we could ever give him.” The sounds of kids playing out in the snow wasn't as distracting as Shou thought it would be to the small man, and he couldn't help and grin, wondering what the drummer was thinking about.

Day 10
Title: The Perfect Night Out
Fandom: Moon Child
Pairing: Sho/Kei
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Plans change.
Author's Notes: Rated PG-13 to be safe, but probably PG. This has been slightly edited as of 4/20/2010.
The Perfect Night Out

Kei couldn't believe his eyes as the amber ashes of the previous fire burned to nothing. What should have been a warm, harmonious night had turned into a disaster as he and Sho ran for their lives from the kitchen's wrath. Dispute how ingenuous his lover had been regarding their criteria for the night, things has not gone as planned.

“Sho,” said Kei quietly, eliciting deep breaths outside of their apartment. “What did you do?”

As Kei eyed his grin, he realized his presumptuous actions could have been forgotten if he had been any bit swayed by his cajoling. But being a vampire had its clicks, one of them being patience. “That won't work,” he murmured, tapping his foot impatiently into a snow dent while keeping his eyes on the young man's face.

He simply shook tangled snow out of his hair and laughed awkwardly, doubtfully saying, “I thought we could have a Christmas dinner together?”

“With the fire department as guests?” Kei asked, rolling his eyes as men clad in protective clothing settled the small fire that had erupted in their apartment. From what he had heard, the damage wasn't serious, but the food was ruined and some of the furniture had been scarred.

“Hey, look on the bright side,” said Sho brightly, wrapping an arm around Kei's petit shoulders and pulling him close, “We can skip straight to the desert.”

Kei sighed meeting his bright, tempting eyes and shook his head, knowing this would be the last time he ever let his lover roast a turkey.

Day 11
Title: Winter Mornings
Fandom: Kaze to Ki no Uta
Pairing: Serge/Gilbert
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Gilbert usually hates the mornings.
Author's Notes: Extremely short fluff for anyone who's been lucky enough to see this anime. ^^
Winter Mornings

Frost covered everything in sight outside of the window as he stretched to get up. The sun's rays were like daggers in his sleep infested eyes, and anyone with half a brain knew how irritable he was in morning. That's why he liked it when he could simply curl into a little ball and pull his boyfriend's body close for warmth in the mist of the winter's chill. Gilbert sighed into his pillow, brushing a few blonde locks from his face to gaze at the face of the beautiful young man before him. The gentle brush of the sunlight, in spite of cold, lit up his tanned skin and dark, curly hair. He wrapped his arms around his waist and nuzzled closer, content with the perfect morning, and whispered into his ear, “Merry Christmas, Serge.”

Day 12
Title: Beggars
Fandom: Moon Child
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Kei loses a bet.
Author's Notes: The song is the first line to "Hurry Xmas" by L'arc~en~Ciel.

He thought it was funny. Seeing his best friend half in shambles on the street curb in a santa hat and holding up a sign that read, "Will Sing for Food" was one for the books. Granted, he wouldn't really be singing for any sort of payment -unless the client felt like offering a few pints of blood- but the singing was very much real. Sho didn't think he had ever seen the older man look so threatening or so insanely adorable, but he wasn't going to voice his opinion outloud, seeing as he wasn't feeling particularly suicidal that day. Son and Toshi were leaning against a building, laughing wildly with two bells flying back in forth in their hands to attract attention. It was working. A little girl, ridiculously cute in pigtails and a red and white dress, marched right up to the vampire, looked him square in the eye, and threw a peppermint into the tin can on the ground.

Silence. All eyes on him, and for a moment, Sho felt embarrassed for him, until he felt the first flakes of snow fall on his face and a clear voice carry its way to his ears...

"Kikazatta machi ha mou gensou sa..."

Day 13
Title: Christmas Morning Breakfast
Fandom: Kaze to Ki no Uta
Pairing: Serge/Gilbert
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Gilbert usually hates breakfast.
Author's Notes: I'm continuing the early morning theme with these two for no reason in particular.
Christmas Morning Breakfast

He often didn't come down for breakfast. It was hard when half the school snickered after every step he took, or tried to contaminate his food if he turned his back for a second. But as much as he hated to admit it, things had begun to change since Serge had arrived. The stares were a little less, the food remained the same, and he never had to eat alone anymore. That's why he went down to the bitter cold dining room, hand in hand with his lover on Christmas morning. Heart thumping wildly but face passive as ever, he took a seat at one of the massive wooden tables and smoothed over his uniform's thick, winter collar. He was surprised when a creamy cup of coffee and a plate loaded with steaming food was placed in front of him. He blinked and looked over to his side, where the dark-haired youth harmlessly took a seat next him with a meal similar to his own. He smiled and picked up his mug, letting the warmth seep into his hands. He was sure Serge hadn't realized the way his kindness found its way into his heart; and just as the coffee refreshed his body from the cold, he knew deep down he was feeling warm too.

Day 14
Title: Think Of The Kids
Fandom: Jrock, Alice Nine
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Nao wants everyone to have a happy Christmas; especially the children.
Author's Notes: Something tells me there is no "tropical-Southern" part of Japan, but I do assume there are areas where it doesn't snow, and that's what I was trying to refer to. Please don't think about it too much and enjoy.
Think Of The Kids

It was Christmas day, but by the will of the divine it wouldn't snow, depressing the children nationwide on such a happy holiday. It was up to him to do something, knowing well the tropical-Southern part of Japan couldn't be expected to reach a subarctic temperature at any time soon. It brought him joy to see the children, of different shapes and sizes, running outside in wonder and taking the while flakes in their hands before tossing them into the air in disbelief. Adults were joining in too, and before his heart could swell any bigger, he felt a firm hand pull his shoulder around to meet a pair of light brown eyes.

"You're kidding, right?" Asked his fellow bandmate who appeared to have a hard time clamping his jaw shut.

Nao grinned and brought his well-deserved coffee to his lips, Starbucks logo and all, and said, "What? It's just a little snow machine." The liquid was warm and filling, with the perfect blending of sweetness, just as he had planned. Licking his lips, he turned back to his friend and winked. "Besides," he said slowly, eying the group of boys and girls teaming together to make a snowman, "think of the kids."

Day 15
Title: Surprises
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Even if I changed my name to Square Enix, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the legal rights over the game.
Summary: Roxas knows he's in in for a surprise.

If he had to choose the one thing he valued most in the world, it would be days he was dragged out against his will from the solitude he always imposed upon himself. Not to say he was vigorously persistent in his attempts to fight off a very flamboyant redhead, but after bribes of sea-salt ice cream he would give up and start to enjoy himself. He wasn't sure what to expect this time as he was indecisively half-pulled and half-dragged down the Oblivion's ominous hallway. It was snowing fiercely outside, and he couldn't imagine a roaring fire and sitting by the other Organization members to reminisce their time together on the other side. Luckily, he didn't have to, as he suddenly found himself gently pushed into the living room (where the furnace took the place of a heater quite well) and a box shoved in his hands. "Merry Christmas," said the guilty party in an attempt to look as relaxed as possible, not quite meeting his eyes. Roxas stared for a moment before he brought it to his ear and shook it, vaguely wondering how the item on the other side could squeak. Before he had time to think, however, it was gone from his grasp, and instead a cup was thrust back into his awaiting hands. "Just tell me if you need anything else," murmured the redhead, winking harmlessly, and making his way out of the room.

Roxas blinked, then smiled, feeling touched, and he brought the cup to his lips before yelling, "You know I hate eggnog!"

Day 16
Title: Hundreds-and-Thousands
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
Summary: Harry knows where he should be, then why does it feel so right?
Author's Notes: I tried to sound British. :D

He felt a little dizzy at the smell of a hundred different perfumes swirling in the air. The party was what most would call romantic, with red and green decor, an abundance of pudding, and merry boys and girls mingling under a snow lit evening. He felt out of place, stuffed in a constricting suit with only a glass of butterbeer for a friend. The room was too crowded and the smiles too big and fake. He felt useless, knowing Voldemort was out in the cold, dark night and could strike at any minute. What was he doing at some Christmas party? Setting down his glass, a small clank ran throughout the room, but he knew no one noticed, all an inch away from snogging in the hot up. He was in the middle of pulling off his tie when he saw her. She was like a diamond, clear and shining in the mist of the rubble, almost impossible to find. He felt embarrassed at such a thought, and made a move to turn away. But she found him, like she always did. Her long, red hair was curled and hanging over his shoulders, and when she pulled him into a gentle hug he smelt the gentleness of the soap she had used. She was warm and soft, prefect though he was not. There was things to be done, but somehow the world was at peace when he was in her arms.

Day 17
Title: Storytime
Fandom: Jrock, Alice Nine
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: The broken things are worth the most in life.
Author's Notes: Poe couldn't have done any better.
Story Time

The sight of a broken ornament sprawled about carpeted floor would have been a disaster for most, but it made him laugh.

"It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a man who collected shells for the benefit of having something pretty in his life. He had a wide variety of these seashells, and he took great pride in his collection. It was until one day a man came from afar with news of a holiday known around the world: Christmas. The sacrifice of perfectly good trees was needed to celebrate, he said, but all was worth it in the end to see the beautiful sight. The man considered, and soon found himself with the largest tree in the country, ready to be made into a piece of art.

Not so fast, the man said. Where are the ornaments?

The man knew nothing of this, so the stranger had the benefit of loaning him beautiful glass pieces and scarlet ribbons to liven the tree. Soon, there was nothing recognizable about the about mother nature's offering. What stood before him was a God. The man was so happy, and in his absentminded joy, he knocked one of the glass orbs off the tree and--"

"How is that funny?" Asked Shou, who wore a disinterested gaze as he tried to sweep a pieces of red glass into the trash. The decorations had been going fine, until in his incoordination he had knocked over an ornament from the tree which had unfortunately shattered all over the white carpet.

"What? I thought you needed something to cheer you up." Nao shrugged defensively while the rest of the band snickered. There was work to be done on the tree if it wanted to be at its greatest, and while the five young men had gotten together to celebrate their hard work over the year, they had ended up being the ones to do it instead of staying out drinking sake with their crew members.

"You know you liked it." Said a small blond who was attempting to hang a star on a high branch, only to almost lose his balance.

The others laughed harmlessly, before the bassist pushed his santa hat up a tad and asked, "what happened to the poor guy?"

A pause. The suspense was hanging in the air, and Nao shrugged. "I don't know," he said simply, bringing a candy cane to his lips and smiling. "I don't think the tree ever got done though, that's probably why people still make them today."

Shou rolled his eyes. He had to admit, the drummer was a born storyteller.

Day 18
Title: Blizzards
Fandom: Jrock, Alice Nine
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I wish I owned a lot of things... that's why it's called a wish.
Summary: Blizzards can put a bit of a damper on things. Except, to Saga's dismay, Nao's persistence.
Author's Notes: I think so far all of my Alice Nine fics have included Nao, comedy, and coffee. Heh.

The flashing whirlwind of colors was like awaking up to a best friend's consistent whining. Scratch that, it was the perfect allusion. The feelings of being both annoyed at their inability to keep quiet, and at the same time increasingly worried about the situation were both present. Saga had to think this was one of those moments. “Nao,” he said slowly, drawing out the last syllable and making the young man stop in his tracks.

The drummer met his dark eyes and grinned innocently, which in reflection of the commercials' bright lights quite charming. Really. “I'm just saying, the store is less than a mile away, it wouldn't kill us to hop in the car and stock up a little.” The smaller man stuck out his tongue out playfully, looking a tad bit more content, but to Saga's dismay still wouldn't budge from in front of the television.

“Nao, there's six feet of snow out there. We're not going to drive into a blizzard so you can have fresh coffee in the morning.” He rolled his eyes as his friend sipped at the remains of his instant coffee like a chain-smoker having their last cigarette. “Look at me,” he averted, meeting his friend's gaze once again, “it's going to be okay.” Once he could now watch his show again.

“I don't know,” the other man murmured, not looking at all convinced. “Have you ever seen me without coffee?” He would have retorted, but suddenly found himself without a response. The truth was, no, he had not seen his friend without caffeine running deep in his veins at some point during the day, the morning especially. “Exactly!” The younger man cried, making Saga flinch back. “This is worse than an eclipse!”

“Eclipses are the absence of the sun for a few seconds; it's really not that big of a deal,” Saga shook his head, letting his brown bangs fall over his forehead absentmindedly. The drummer paid no head though, making a move for the guitarist.

“This point is, I need you,” he said, all seriousness shining his brown orbs. Saga wasn't sure what to say to that, but luckily he didn't have to, as at that moment the door flung open and three figures rushed in covered from head to toe in snow.

“Nao, you owe us!” Cried the blond who was emerging from his winter-thick coat and tossing it on the floor. In his right hand, he held up what was worth more than gold; Maxwell's Instant Coffee.

An excited glee escaped the perviously dismayed man's lips, and without warning he tackled the poor, unsuspecting singer to the ground. The bassist and second guitarist glanced to each other, trying to suppress their laughter. Meanwhile, Saga sat on the couch, red as a tomato despite the heat.

That little tease....

Day 19
[This entry has been kept in its place because the author is a comment-whore.]

Day 20
Title: Memories
Fandom: Anastasia
Pairing: Anastasia/Dimitri
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
Summary: It's the memories that make her think the most.

There was once a time where the small redhead could groggily open her eyes and see only a sea of pink and golden threads falling from the sky. Lazily pulling back the heavy drapes with her pale, scrawny arms, she would let the sunlight flood into the room. The waves were refreshing, and the minutes were wonderful to behold as she kept her sleepy gaze on the sparkling snow falling outside the chilly glass windows. Soon a maid would bustle in, coaxing her out of the toasty warmth of her bed to brace the cold. Fires would be lit in every room, but she wouldn't feel comfortable again until she was sitting in the dinning room with piles and piles of popping hot food to devour into her small frame and warm her up.

Next was the preparation. Festive garments would be maneuvered through her room and tried onto her body. It would be hours before the party. Beautiful décor would embellish the ballroom, and there her parents would sit, the completion of the perfection. She couldn't be happier when her father took her hand and offered her the final dance as Christmas came to a close...

She snuggled close to the warm body pressed against her, bidding off the chills that advanced from the winter frost. Long, autumn hair sprawled onto the pillows as she nuzzled into familiar brown hair. “What is it?” Came a tired voice, as her husband sluggishly rolled over and tugged her into his serene body.

She tried to shake her head. Nothing. She was too tired. Instead, she planted a tired kiss on his lips, breathing in his scent and that of Christmas morning. She was cozy in bed, content with her memories and lover. Surely they could discuss it later.

Day 21
Title: Snowfall
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
Summary: Albus is fascinated by nature, and Gellert knows why.

It was nothing special. Seven feet of snow was nothing exceptional in the winter; a few more inches would have been more common in fact. That didn't stop his lover from dashing to the window and sticking his face into the ice cold glass to squeal in excitement. He brushed his blond hair way from from his face to get a better look at the lanky figure so fascinated by nature's enchantments. He didn't see what the big deal was; it snowed in Britain didn't it? His only reply was that it was not commensurate to Germany's snowfall. He had to smile at that, as he knew others still wouldn't understand. It was just like the wizard to want to broaden his horizons, regardless of what he had and hadn't seen before. It was what made him so intriguing, the comprehension that regardless of any situation, something new could be obtained if the setting was different. Striding to the window, he ardently wrapped his arms around his slender figure, sliding up onto his toes to rest his head on his shoulder. He hoped to offer some sort of information.

Day 22
Title: Bright Lights
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/Hermione
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
Summary: Ron wonders why he goes through the trouble ever year.
Author's Notes: Drabble
Bright Lights

It's beautiful and haunting, just like it's lame and aggravating. He doesn't for the life of him understand why she makes him go through the trouble every year. A swish with his wand and he could do it in an instant, make it better than the limitations of muggles even. However, she's stubborn and archaic, and he knows he wouldn't get away with it. Grumbling under his breath, he tugs on the ring of brightly colored glass, adjusting it to the proper place before absentmindedly flipping the switch in the his hand. He not so much impressed by the lights as he by his pregnant wife's reaction, who smiles brightly like the moment she became a Gryffindor.

So he grins, happy to know it's worth it.

Day 23
Title: Retired for the Winter
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Luna/whomever
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
Summary: Luna thinks on a bench in the snow.
Author's Notes: Bumblewarts: Small, invisible flying grasshoppers who nuzzle close to the human body for warmth and energy. They hibernate in the winter after stuffing themselves past the point of gluttony, and all are highly susceptible to heart attacks.
[Yes, I did totally make them up. xD]
Retired for the Winter

Rings of holly entice the ground, but she doesn't bother to look up until he's there. This close, she can feel the warmth radiating off his skin. She knows it's not the bumblewarts; they retire for the winter in oak trees. It's because of this she's wearing one less unique necklace; the beads were becoming awfully warn down and she wants it to be around for next spring. She knows he's talking to her, but she doesn't listen much, too preoccupied with her thoughts, wondering if the bumblewarts found their shelter in the snow fall.

Day 24
Title: Christmas Shopping
Fandom: Jrock, Ken, L'arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing, thank you very much.
Summary: Ken hates to shop.
Author's Notes: Short, but enjoy. This has been slightly edited as of 4/20/2010.
Christmas Shopping

If there's one thing in the world he can't stand, it's Christmas shopping. He doesn't understand why they go through it every year -they're Japanese and not even religious- but it's somehow become some sort of ritual for the band. He runs a hand messily through his short, layered brown hair, brushing his bangs back for a moment. It surprises him when snow falls in his face, and when looks up he's greeting a happy santa with skin a bit too white to be natural. The man grins lopsidedly and says something, but the young man knows if a middle-aged man is spending his holidays working at a department store to deal with little kids all day, there's something not quite right about said man. With that in mind, he abruptly left the booth and ventured deeper into the multi-purpose land of wonder. He sees lots of things; toys, CDs, movies, books, and candy, but he's indecisive to the point that it only makes things harder. He's at a loss. After spending over an hour browsing through perfectly susceptible gifts and becoming frustrated enough at his own lack of confidence, he picks up his pace, runs blindly down an aisle, and grabs the first thing he makes contact with. He doesn't look at it and quickly tells the shopgirl to wrap and sign it for him, happy the nightmare is over...


"Ken," says Hyde slowly, an unraveled package in his lap haphazardly bunched together. He raises his dark eyes to the guitarist for a moment, blinking, and finally holds up his embarrassing gift of black lingerie for all eyes to see, "What the hell?"

Extra #1
Title: Snowballs
Fandom: Jrock, Hyde, L'arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Hyde/Sakura if you wanna
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own neither of these guys, thank you very much.
Summary: It's snowing.
Author's Notes: Short, but enjoy.

Lights are twinkling, the landscape is unleashing it's layers, and he thinks it's the most beautiful thing in the universe. He can see why westerners are so enthusiastic about the holiday. It's breathtaking. He releases his breath, so slow he can see it fade away right before his eyes. It's dark, but not too dark, just enough to give the world a mystic presence. He likes it that way, how scenery has become a piece of art in itself. He's suddenly inspired and crouching on the ground, making a snowball with his cold, ungloved hands. He pauses, letting the ice seep just a moment longer into his skin. Then, it's over, and he's throwing the ball at his unsuspecting band mate. He laughs as he drops his cigarette in surprise, long dark hair snapping up to face him with eyes loaded with playful revenge.

Hyde grins, “Gotcha.”

Extra #2
Title: Snuggies
Fandom:Harry Potter
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing, thank you very much.
Summary: It's totally warm.
Author's Notes: Drabble

There it was, shining like the morning sun after a thunderous night. Long, graceful, a source of comfort, and beautiful to behold. He could always count on Hermione to bring him the things he needed the most. Cuddled in the common room with a glass of butterbeer and toasty fire, he felt quite at home with his snuggie.

Extra #3
Title: Hot Chocolate
Fandom:Harry Potter
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing, thank you very much.
Summary: She knows they're jealous.
Author's Notes: A drabble; and this could be either Hermione or Ginny.
Hot Chocolate

She grins as she sips the dark but milky liquid. It's ravishing, and a treat for her sweet tooth. She isn't one to usually worry about her weight, knowing she'll stay slim because she scored good genes and exercises. It's a treat in the Great Hall when the other girls stare daggers into her back while she devoirs pies and goodies passed along her way. This liquid is sweet and has a pleasant aroma. She'll have to thank the house elves later.
Current Music: Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...
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